Letter to the editor: Until when?

Cali O'Hare file photo

Dear editor,

Until when will we allow illegal immigrants by the millions to cross our southern border?
Until when will we allow our presidents and our lawmakers to spend our tax monies without a budget?
Until when will we allow corruption and greed to be the driving force of lawmakers in Washington, D.C.? It doesn't take them long to become multi-millionaires!
Until when will we allow this country's police force and military to be humiliated, de-funded, and condemned by men and women with blurry eyes and foggy brains?
Until when will we continue to buy expensive oil and gas from unfriendly foreign countries whose refineries produce much dirtier air than our own American refineries? By the way, our national reserves have now dropped from 750 billion barrels of oil down to 300 billion barrels! Hard times are coming!      
Until when will we continue to sell out the futures of our children and grandchildren? No sense educating them. They all are going to be gardeners, bakers and candlestick makers!
Until when will our governor sit on his hind legs and do nothing to help lead America? He should be out front with Texas and Florida, etc. Wyoming citizens will always support a good leader!
It is time for all of us to become political. We have such little time left!

Bill Johnson, Pinedale