Letter to the editor: Parade route update

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Dear Editor,

The Green River Rendezvous Pageant Association (GRRPA) agreed to attend the Town of Pinedale Town Council meeting on June 12, at the request of the Main Street Committee. During the meeting, the parade route was discussed by the Main Street Committee, town council, GRRPA and members of the public. After hearing the various concerns, the town council and the Main Street Committee graciously decided to return the parade to its original west-to-east route. Based on that decision, the GRRPA cast will participate in the Rendezvous Parade.
The GRRPA would like to thank all who supported our position and who provided input on the discussion with the town council and Main Street Committee. GRRPA extends its appreciation to the town council and Main Street Committee for their consideration and resolution.
With community support, “Meet Me on the Green” will resonate throughout the Green River Valley during the 2023 Rendezvous Days. Please join us for all Rendezvous activities culminating in the pageant and beard-shaving fundraiser on Sunday.


Mark Eatinger, president, Green River Rendezvous Pageant Association