Lady Punchers rally to defeat Farson

Robert Galbreath photo Freshman Kodee Greene spikes the ball over the net during the Oct. 22 game against Pinedale. Also pictured, from left, are senior Audree Sevenski, senior Sharianne Brower and senior Shelby Guest.

FARSON – The Farson Lady Pronghorns won the first set against the Big Piney Lady Punchers during the Oct. 21 away game.

Big Piney’s non-conference rival tied the second set at 15 points before the Lady Punchers shifted into high gear.

Senior Sharianne Brower set the ball for fellow senior Shelby Guest to slam over the net.

Guest delivered a kill, assisted by Brower, widening the Lady Punchers’ lead by 2 points. Freshman Kodee Greene scored a hit. Farson struck out returning a serve by senior Brynne Hoffman.

Freshman libero Lizzy Brandt made a dig and passed the ball for Brower to tip into Lady Pronghorn territory. Farson tangled with the net returning a hit by Guest.

Senior Hannah Runyan tipped over a pair of points, including game point, 25-17.

Maintaining their momentum, the Lady Punchers won the third and fourth set to score a resounding 3-1 victory against Farson.

“The seniors definitely came to play against Farson,” said Head Coach Kinsy Voss. “The girls had a lot of fun running slides and hitting plays. Hannah Runyan read the court so well and manipulated Farson with her offense. We got to try a new rotation we wanted to run before the postseason.”

On Saturday, Oct. 22, Big Piney hosted Pinedale for its final home game. Pinedale scored a 3-0 sweep, although Big Piney threw plenty of punches.

“I think we made Pinedale adjust their offense and made them earn each point,” said Voss.

Entering the postseason as the No. 2 seed in the 2A Southwest Quadrant, the Lady Punchers open the two-day Regional Tournament in Lander with a game against Greybull on Friday, Oct. 28.

“We are ready for Regionals,” said Voss.


The Lady Pronghorns set the momentum of the first set, scoring game point, 25-20.

Big Piney answered back in the second set. Runyan scored first point with a kill, assisted by Brower. Farson failed to return a serve by Guest. Runyan set a point over the net.

Brandt made a dig, passing the ball to Brower, who set it up for Runyan to score a kill. Runyan aced a pair of serves. Senior Brittany Tatum threw down a kill. Coverage by Brandt and Guest resulted in a point.

Guest and junior Taylor Cary scored hits. Runyan reached up for a block and then served a point.

The Lady Pronghorns tied the set at 15 points. Guest delivered a kill, assisted by Brower. Greene scored a hit and Farson met net returning a serve by Hoffman.

Brandt dug deep and sent the ball up for Brower to bump over. Farson struck out responding to a hit by Guest. Runyan tipped over game point, 25-17.

Guest opened the third set with an ace. Cary scored a hit and Guest served up another point. Digs by Brandt, Runyan and Guest led to a point. Runyan slammed over a kill and Guest whipped up a serve.

Farson struck out returning a serve by Guest. Cary made a kill and Runyan set the ball over the net. Cary and Tatum spiked a pair of points, assisted by Brower both times. Hoffman served a point. Guest and Cary kept Big Piney in the lead with kills.

Farson served into the net for Big Piney to score game point, 25-17.

Big Piney dominated the fourth set. Guest scored a pair of aces and Runyan made a kill.

Brower aced a serve and Brandt scored with a deep dig. Runyan served up an ace. Greene spiked the ball over the net.

Senior Audree Sevenski aced her serve. Guest set the ball over and Greene and Guest each made a kill. Brower tipped a point over. Runyan spiked a point, assisted by Brower.

Saves by Hoffman and Brandt resulted in a point. Guest served a pair of points. Farson met net returning serves by Brower and Runyan. Tatum slammed over a kill, assisted by Brower.

Farson served into the net and the Lady Punchers scored game point, 25-19.