Just my opinion

As budget hearings approach, I believe

the Sublette County Commissioners need

to take a hard look at the needs and wants

of Sublette County. As individuals and our

small businesses begin to heal from the

pandemic, we need to be conscious of not

only our spending but what we will obligate

to the future. There is no quick fix for

the loss of three months of revenue and

the rebuilding of our business community.

With the projected revenue shortfall in the

coming years it is imperative we address

the basic needs of this county. The wish

lists of some may have to take a back seat

to the reality of our economy. Oil and gas

are on shaky ground, to say the least, and

more and more of the tax burden will fall

on the individual. The county’s bank account

will sustain us for some time but, as

with all savings, if you don’t put more in

than you take out it eventually dries up.

Though we may have to transition from a

caviar diet to a hamburger diet for a while,

I believe, we as individuals and the commission,

can maintain our needs by working

together and not overspending on

unnecessary wants.

Just My Opinion.