It's a pleasure to meet you, Sublette County

My name is Cali O’Hare and I’m your new managing editor for the Sublette Examiner and Pinedale Roundup newspapers. My first day on the job coincided with the start of the 87th annual Green River Rendezvous Days, so I hit the ground running. I come to you from Carbon County, where I spent more than a decade covering the local news for 10 municipalities and the county itself. Although I’m new to Sublette County, I’ve never felt more at home than in the past several weeks as I’ve traveled around meeting with local officials, getting to know area residents, listening to feedback from readers and working with a team of talented reporters.

The first newsroom I ever worked in as a reporter had a wood-burned sign on the wall that read, “The hours are long, the pay sucks, but at least everyone hates you.” No one stays in this industry for the glory. Every good journalist I’ve ever known, including the two who staff the Roundup and Examiner, are drawn to this work by some greater calling, curiosity, and a desire to serve you, the people, often at great personal sacrifice. As journalists, we are educators, truth-seekers and watchdogs. The work is far from easy, but the concept is simple: we uncover information, verify it, and then bring you all the facts so that you, our beloved readers, can make an informed decision on the issues that impact you and the community you hold dear.

Every day since I started, I’ve snuck a new plant onto the windowsill in my office. Last week, one of my reporters asked, “That’s a good sign, right? It means you’re staying?”

I share with you, dear readers, the same promise I made to my staff. I will give you all that I’ve got for as long as you’ll let me.

Cali O’Hare

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