Hoback Watershed Level I Study

SUBLETTE COUNTY – The Sublette County Conservation District, Teton County Conservation District, Star Valley Conservation District and Wyoming Water Development Office are holding a public informational meeting for the Hoback River Watershed Level I Study at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11 The meeting will be held at the Bondurant Fire Department located at mile marker 142.7 on U.S. Highway 189/191.

The Level I Study has been ongoing since May of 2021 and this meeting is being held to present the findings of said study. General topics covered will include water rights, water quality, rehabilitation project inventory, surface water hydrography/hydrology, biology, GIS database and other pertinent information related to the function of the watershed.

As part of this project, a portion of the compiled water rights database was also included in the Sublette County GIS Mapserver. A demonstration involving these Mapserver-based water rights will also be conducted for interested users. Following a presentation outlining the results of this study, we will be available to discuss funding resources, the Small Water Project Program application process and any other specific questions you may have regarding the watershed study findings.