Half of Sublette County voters cast early ballots

As of Monday

noon – only hours before the Nov. 3

General Election polling precincts open on

Tuesday – voters poured into the Sublette

County Clerk’s Office to cast their ballots


Altogether, 46 percent of the county’s

4,178 registered voters – including more

than 900 newly registered voters – cast

889 early ballots and submitted 1,265

absentee ballots that election judges will

open and count when polls officially open

today for Election Day.

“We’ve had over 40 voters already this

morning,” said Deputy Clerk Andrea Jean.

“We’ve been crazy all morning. People are

being very good at waiting.”

The newly registered voters are a wide

mixture of new residents, people who have

never voted and people who didn’t vote in

the 2016 presidential election, she said.

In that 2016 election where Donald

Trump faced off against Hillary Clinton,

so many people turned out to register at the

polls that Sublette County’s voter turnout

rose to 105 percent.

Jean expects that to happen for this 2020

election with President Trump against former

Vice President Joe Biden as well.

“If we have more than 4,718 votes it

will put us over 100 percent again,” she



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