Half Moon Lake bridge work begins soon

The Bridger-Teton National

Forest is making progress on replacement

of 3 bridges in the Pinedale area. Crews

are scheduled to begin work on the Sweeney

and Half Moon bridges on the Half Moon

Lake road in early September.

The Union Pass road and Tosi bridge are

open to vehicle traffic, and the Tosi bridge replacement

is expected to be complete in mid-


Construction crews will soon be mobilizing

to the Half Moon Lake road for the replacement

of the Sweeney and Half Moon

bridges. Both the project manager and Pinedale

Ranger District personnel have been in

contact with local land owners in the area,

with the goal of mitigating access impacts.

The Half Moon Lake road is scheduled to

close for approximately two to three hours

on Sept. 5 to unload and pre-stage the bridge

components. The Half Moon Lake road

below the campground close beginning Sept.

9, when the contractor will begin excavation

at the Sweeney bridge site. Once the new

Sweeney bridge is constructed, the contractor

is scheduled to mobilize to the Half Moon

bridge site on Sept. 16.

As part of the mobilization to the Half

Moon bridge site, the Half Moon Lake road

will be closed at the junction with Skyline

Drive. No access will be permitted through

the construction sites to ensure the safety of

the workers and the public. Full closures of

the Half Moon Lake road are scheduled to

end by Sept. 27.

Hazardous conditions associated with construction

of the new bridge abutments on the

Tosi bridge had forced a closure of the Union

Pass road to through vehicular traffic during

the month of August. Though the road is now

open, travelers can expect to experience short

intermittent closures of up to two hours at the

Tosi bridge. Longer delays will occur when

crews are setting the new bridge deck with a

crane and building the roadway approaches.

The existing bridge will be used for travel

until the new bridge is finalized. Travelers are

urged to use caution as they proceed through

the construction zone, both for their safety

and for the safety of the construction workers.


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