GTNP experiences second-busiest September

WYOMING – Grand Teton National Park statistics show the park experienced its second-busiest September in history, falling just behind last September.

Statistics show 570,584 estimated recreation visits this September, a 10-percent increase from September 2019 and a 5.5-percent decrease from last year.

Camping in the park increased 25 percent this year (74,348 overnight stays) compared to 2019. Backcountry camping increased 49 percent (7,229 camper nights) and trail use increased 30 percent from September 2019 on trails where use is counted.

Crowds last September were at an all-time high for the month due to the reopening and onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The park estimated 603,789 visitors during that month as people looked to travel after shelter-in-place orders were lifted and national parks allowed that opportunity while maintaining social distance.

Park staff continues to analyze data. Historically, July and August are the busiest months for the park but recent trends include increased visitation in spring and fall.

Closing dates for seasonally operated facilities can be found at The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center will remain open through Oct. 31. That will also be the final day the Teton Park Road and Moose-Wilson Road will be open to vehicle traffic for the season. Beginning Nov. 1, visitors may walk and bike on those roads as conditions allow until the status changes to over-snow access.