Glenn Millard - 2021 Friend of Agriculture

Joy Ufford photo

I would like to nominate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Glenn Millard as the 2021 Friend of Agriculture.

I honestly think calling him a “friend of ag” is an understatement; Glenn is a healer of ag, advocate for ag and steward for ag. As many of you know Glenn “retired” many years ago, but I honestly didn’t think there was any decline in his clients or work. I’m sure Glenn thought he would be spending more time out with his own herd, maybe let Glenn play the rancher part for once, but as they say duty calls, and Glenn is catering to the needs of our animals no matter what!

But of course, there is no better person to call! No matter the situation or time of year Glenn is called; I know personally that even the day work can turn into night work. Things couldn’t be more challenging with our valley few and far between, harsh weather, and even longer distances between clients.

But not for vets like Glen – every hour of the day you have come to an animal’s side to aid and support, coming up with solutions on the spot with the tools you have. Not just the aid and support for animals, but ranchers as well! Talking clients through the process of caring for their loved ones and animals, while also helping manage their animals, but still not stepping on toes.

Many people would shy away from a place like this – long hours, long days and long distances in between. But no matter what, Glenn shows up like he was made for this. Even when all heck breaks loose, Glenn is still smiling and sweet-talking.

I guess what we really owe you is a thank you! Thank you for your dedication to animal and human welfare. Thank you for going beyond being a vet; thank you for being a great Friend of Ag.