Flood watch this week

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Warm weather and increased snowmelt are combining for potentially dangerous waterways this week, according to Sublette County Emergency Management (SCEM).

SCEM coordinator Jim Mitchell issued an advisory on Sunday, giving updates on flood levels and recommending that those in low-lying areas make the necessary preparations.

Green River at Warren Bridge
• As of Monday morning, the Green River at Warren Bridge is at 5.26 feet, which is already above the crest of 5.21 feet for Thursday, June 8, that was predicted over the weekend. Flood stage is at 6 feet.

Green River near La Barge
• The Green River at LaBarge is at 9 feet. It will slowly rise and is expected to crest at 9.77 feet by Friday, June 9. Flood stage is at 9 feet. This historic crest will compare with the 9.76 feet crest of June 1965.

  • The New Fork River near Big Piney is at 6.46 feet. It will slowly rise and crest at 7.42 feet by Friday, June 9. Flood stage is 8 feet.
  • Pine Creek at the headwaters of Fremont Lake outside Pinedale is at 5.76 feet. It will rise and is predicted to crest at 6.37 feet on Friday, June 9. Flood stage is 7 feet.

Preparedness Actions
• Let this serve to instruct folks in Sublette County that live in low-lying areas to make final preparations for flooding potential and move to higher ground if threatened by flooding!
• With mountain streams running highest in late afternoon and early evening, stream crossing will be most dangerous during those times of the day.
•Foothill communities will see the highest water levels in the late evening and early morning hours
•Hikers and folks in areas where water is flowing should not cross into the waters! Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

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