Five students of the month recognized

Robert Galbreath photo The Sublette County School District No. 9 board of trustees recognized five Students of the Month at its Nov. 19 meeting. Pictured, from left are, Allison Tautimer, Big Piney Elementary, Adrianna Ruby, Big Piney High School, Kaleb Miller, Big Piney Middle School, Connor Davis, LaBarge Elementary and Emma York, Big Piney Middle School.

9 board of trustees recognized

five Students of the Month at its

regular meeting on Nov. 19.

LaBarge Elementary School teacher Kati

Hunt nominated first-grader Connor Davis

as Student of the Month for November.

Davis is a student “all teachers hope they are

fortunate enough to teach,” Hunt said.

“Connor shows up to school every day

with a smile on his face and is anxious to

get started,” Hunt added. Davis shows excellence

and takes pride in his work and always

pays attention attentively in class. Independence

and leadership are other traits Davis

exhibits, Hunt added.

“Connor’s work ethic and positive attitude

toward learning make him successful,”

she continued. “He has a big heart and is always

willing to help those around him and

offer a helping hand. He is a bright spot in

my day and I am proud of him.”

Big Piney Elementary teacher Glade

Mitchell presented fourth-grader Allison

Tautimer as Student of the Month. Tautimer

is a “great student and hard worker” who

“sets an example for others” by acting with

integrity and responsibility.

Tautimer may come across as “apprehensive”

and quiet at first, Mitchell said, but she

soon warms up to the teachers and the classroom.

She is always ready with a quick joke,

and even talked Mitchell into dressing up as

a princess for class.

“Allison always shows respect to the

faculty and her peers,” Mitchell said. “She

is a model student and a great example of

a Big Piney Elementary School Student of

the Month.”

Cara Olson, reading and language arts

teacher at Big Piney Middle School, nominated

seventh grader Kaleb Miller as Student

of the Month.

“Kaleb is a strong example of what we

look for in our school values,” Olson said.

“He is a student who has the courage to ask

incisive questions. He always wants to work

things out and strives for excellence.”

Miller comes to school with a “positive

attitude” on a daily basis, Olson added, and

he “strives to live up to the district’s standards.”

Middle School Football Coach Cole Clifford

described Miller as “an undersized

seventh-grader who did an amazing job as a

linebacker on the eighth-grade team.” Miller

never shies away from criticism and “works

hard to correct his mistakes,” Clifford added.

When learning a new position on the field,

Miller attacks the challenge “with excitement

and a willingness to learn,” Clifford


Greg Bell, history teacher at Big Piney

Middle School, presented Emma York with

a Student of the Month Award from last

year. York is a “multisport athlete,” member

of the school’s student government and

on the honor roll, Bell said. York is also a

talented singer with a “voice three times her

size,” Bell added.

During the presentation, Bell compared

York to the poison dart frog, a small animal

that is also the “deadliest animal in the

world,” he said, capable of taking down 10


“Emma would not hurt a fly,” Bell said.

“But the dart frog reminded me of Emma

because of the power that comes in such a

small package. Emma packs quite a punch”

academically, on the sports field and when it

comes to exhibiting district values.

Junior Adrianna Ruby received Student

of the Month honors for Big Piney High


Ellie Brown, choir and music teacher

at BPHS, nominated Ruby for setting an

example when it comes to district values and

representing the school in extra-curicular activities.

“This year, Adrianna played the role of

Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast,’” Brown

said. “I was also in the show and watched the

courage it took Adrianna to perform every

night. She showed kindness to the crew and

was an encouragement to other performers.”

Ruby exemplifies respect, and “always

stays on task,” said teacher Angie Clifford.

“Adrianna is the most creative and talented

student I have ever had,” said teacher

Faith Howard. “She wrote a song that is still

stuck in my head today.”

Band teacher Travis Swanson also spoke

of Ruby’s integrity and musical talent and

ability to compose on the ukulele.

“Adrianna exhibits a maturity level that is

so far ahead of her peers,” said teacher Tracy

Hughes. “I can see her starting college in

New York City.”


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