Fish, fish, fishin’

Rainbow trout from the Daniel Fish Hatchery splash into the Marbleton Pond.

Marbleton Pond grand opening is Nov. 3

Last week, the wait for new fish to stock in the new Marbleton Community

Fishing Pond was fulfilled. Friday morning, Wyoming Game and Fish’s Joe Gillis

of the Daniel Fish Hatchery backed up his truck – a gigantic fish tank on wheels – and

opened the hatch for rainbow trout to settle into their new home.

Marbleton Town Council and town staff have worked for months on the project, starting

with a dream to create a place for families and friends to fish together. By early October,

willows were planted and boulders rolled; a prefab outhouse was set into place and

the water grew higher.

The only thing missing – the fish.

Employees Todd Brown and Sam Bixler maintained an optimistic attitude, not realizing

that Wyoming Game and Fish plans its fish-stocking schedule perhaps a year or more

ahead. But Game and Fish fishery biologists rustled up some stock – a healthy bunch of

1-pound rainbows – so the community park can open officially before winter.

The Marbleton Community Grand Opening with hot chocolate, doughnuts and prizes

is set for Sunday, Nov. 3, at 2 p.m. Everyone is invited to bring their fishing poles to the

end of 5th Street on Red Hill Avenue. Fishing licenses are required and all Game and Fish

regulations apply.


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