Female black bear quota dropped for spring

Wyoming Game and Fish map While much of the springtime antler and shed collection area still follows the Continental Divide, Game and Fish proposes expanding the southeastern portion.

Wyoming Game and Fish

personnel talked about proposed changes to several hunting

regulations, including one that moves part of the antler-collecting

boundary east away from the Continental Divide.

Game and Fish took public comments on Friday, Dec. 6,

on changes to that Chapter 61 as well as Chapter 3, Black

Bear Hunting Seasons and Chapter 32, Firearm Cartridges

and Archery.

The Pinedale Region Office’s Dec. 6 meeting drew few

members of the public. Proposed Chapter 3’s black bear

2020 hunting season shows the same or lower annual female

mortality quotas locally. The total for Greys River

hunt areas 14, 15, 116, 17 and 30 – South Piney, South

Piney-Horse Creek, Greys River, Hoback and Star Valley

– is proposed to drop from 30 to 24 females in the spring


“We did some population estimates there in 2015-2016

and it showed the (higher) limits were probably hitting the

population pretty hard,” said Lander biologist Dan Bjornlie.

Another Chapter 3 change concerns bear bait sites – receiving

preferential treatment is changed from “shall” to

“may. Otherwise, wording is clarified as to how a person

registering a bait site would receive preferential treatment.

Chapter 32 would define “expanding point bullet (as)

any bullet designed by its manufacturer to create a wound

channel larger than the bullet’s diameter.”

Chapter 6’s proposed antler and horn-collecting boundary

shift does not change for Sublette County. The regulation

had stated that no one could “collect shed antlers or

horns from big game animals on public lands west of the

Continental Divide, excluding the Great Divide Basin.”

The Game and Fish Commission reserved the right to

change that boundary if needed.

The new boundary would begin at the Wyoming-Colorado

line at U.S. Highway 287, go north to U.S. Highway

30, northwest to Interstate 80 and then go west along I 80

to the North Platte River. From there it follows the river

south to Sage Creek, southwest to Sage Creek Road (Carbon

County Road 401), south along that road to the Pacific

Branch of the Continental Divide and up to the southern

boundary of Yellowstone, then west to the Wyoming-Montana

state line.

The closure is still in effect from Jan. 1 through April

30. Exceptions remain for Game and Fish personnel and

contracted elk feeders when it is part of their official duty

but all antlers they collect on elk feedgrounds belong to

Game and Fish.

The drafted regulation changes are available at https://

wgfd.wyo.gov/Get-Involved/Public-Meetings. The

deadline for public comments is 5 p.m. on Monday, Dec.

16. Comments will be reviewed and the Wyoming Game

and Fish Commission will discuss and vote on the proposed

regulations at its January meeting.


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