Entsminger gets probation with 2 felony convictions

Husband might get his deferred with ‘no contest’ plea

The separate

cases of Thomas W. Hickman and his wife

Katherine Entsminger Hickman could be

wrapped up as of Oct. 1 with his 9th District

Court sentencing hearing set for that


The couple was extradited from Maryland

to Sublette County earlier this year

after felony theft and horse-rustling

charges were filed against them in Sublette

County. The horse-rustling charge was

later dropped against Hickman and evolved

into a felony theft charge for Entsminger,

bought three quarter horses and registered

them in her name instead of their employer’s

– Boulder Lake Lodge – in 2018.

Both were fired from their jobs there in

August 2018; both entered the 9th District

Court system at different times. Both were

released from custody on minimal bond

requirements, allowed to leave Wyoming

to find work and moved to Georgia, court

records show.

Entsminger sentenced

On Sept. 17, Entsminger-Hickman appeared

before Judge Marv Tyler via videoconference

for her sentencing with a plea

agreement that recommended three years

of supervised probation for two guilty

pleas and two charges dismissed.

Successful completion of this term of

supervised probation does not defer two

felony count of theft, only the possible

concurrent prison sentences of three to five

years for each, charge according to court


Entsminger and her husband were

charged with felony theft and felony conspiracy

to commit theft in regard to their

removal of tack, household goods, saddles

and other items when they left Boulder

Lake Lodge after being fired, records


She was also charged with two more

felonies – one for misusing Boulder Lake

Lodge funds to buy three horses she registered

in her name and for misusing accounts

to buy more than $1,000 worth of

personal items on Amazon.

Under the plea agreement reached between

Deputy County Attorney Clayton

Melinkovich and John LaBuda, Entsminger

pleaded guilty on Aug. 27 to the first felony

charge, to which her husband had changed

his plea to “no contest.” Their conspiracy

charges would be dismissed; she also

pleaded guilty to the felony misuse of

funds. The theft charge for the horses’ purchase

would also be dismissed.

Entsminger will reimburse $1,475.85 to

Boulder Lake Lodge and she and her husband

would pay $1,500 restitution for three

or four saddles.

On Sept. 11, Melinkovich asked Judge


Public Service Commission is looking for

guidance about a new carbon-capture law

affecting coal-fired power plants that took

effect July 1.

Last session, the Wyoming Legislature

passed House Enrolled Act 79, with a new

Chapter 18 titled “Reliable and Dispatchable

Low-Carbon Energy Standards” that contains

definitions and talks about “reasonable rate

recovery,” “limiting the recovery of costs for

the retirement of coal-fired generation facilities”

and authorizing a surcharge and reports.

The Public Service Commission is asking

for public comments through Oct. 30 regarding

the law’s definitions and to determine if

new PSC rules are needed. The next step that

will open for comments will be to discuss

how to process and implement the new law’s

terms, it said in its Sept. 23 notice.

A stakeholder meeting is planned for Nov.

12 at 1:30 p.m. in the Public Service Com-

Entsminger gets probation

with 2 felony convictions

Husband might get his deferred with ‘no contest’ plea

Joy Ufford photo

Big Piney Homecoming Royalty show off their regalia at Saturday’s

pep rally. From left, Carlos Munoz, Ryker Goodman, King Liam Hughes,

Queen Jakobi Hibbert, Camron Thomas and Kenedi Fazendin.

By Joy Ufford, [email protected]

Tyler to order that the American Quarter

Horse Association release Entsminger as

the owner of the three horses she bought.

“The horses in question were initially

removed from the premises of Boulder

Lake Lodge but have since been returned;

however they remain registered to the defendant,”

the motion says. The AQHA will

not change the owner of record without a

court order, which Judge Tyler issued on

Sept. 11 for Smokin Tuesday, Cowgirlstinkweed

and High Brown Sox.

Judge Tyler accepted Entsminger’s two

guilty pleas on Sept. 17 and sentenced

her to three years of supervised probation

beginning that day. Entsminger is not allowed

to have any control over any other

entity’s money, credit or property and is

forbidden from any contact with Boulder

Lake Lodge owners or employees, past or

present. She is ordered to pay $2,975 in

restitution; including $1,500 jointly with

Hickman for the saddles and $1,475.85

herself for misused funds.


Hickman changed his “not guilty” plea

to “no contest” as agreed to one charge and

Melinkovich and public defender Elisabeth

Trefonas asked Judge Tyler to dismiss the

conspiracy felony. They recommended a

deferred conviction if Hickman successfully

completes three years of supervised

probation, meaning the charge could then

be dropped.

Hickman’s sentencing is set for Oct. 1 at

9 a.m. in 9th District Court.

State utility commission seeks ‘low-carbon’ power guidance