Elect those who serve the people, not corporations

It is difficult for me to imagine that seven years has not been sufficient time for the Republican legislators to form a suitable substitute for the Affordable Care Act, and yet they have failed miserably in this task. Had they asked for help from the Democrats, they might have achieved success. One of the key problems is that politicians on both sides of the aisle collect contributions in large amounts from the health insurance industry and from the pharmaceutical companies and, as a result, feel they owe these people more than they owe their own constituents. Their votes have already been purchased.

We have some very good models for universal health care from other countries that are enjoying this benefit. I have a list of 32 countries but will narrow it down for you to give you a good idea of what is going on in this world: Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Australia.

It is unfortunate that our legislators choose to ignore these models from which they could learn so much. If they continue to fail to provide an acceptable replacement, they must be voted out of office at the next election and replaced with persons who promise to serve the people rather than for-profit health insurance companies and price-gauging pharmaceutical companies.

Congressman Cheney supported a failed House bill. Senators Enzi and Barrasso were instrumental in the construction of an unacceptable Senate bill.

Stay alert as the farce continues.


Cornelius F. Kelly


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