Eide Bailly report

The long-awaited Eide Bailly report for

the critical access hospital finally arrived

and the first thing I noticed was the word

“Draft” on every page. Draft, by definition,

is a preliminary version of a piece

of writing. Still not the final report. Kind

of like me buying a truck and telling the

dealership I’ll take it and you can send me

the price and schedule payment later.

The word “assume” appears in this

Draft 27 times (by my count) and most

of us know when you break it down into

its three components, that spells (ass-ume).

The downturn of our economy with

not only oil and gas but also agriculture

(ask any rancher about livestock prices

this year) doesn’t need another high dollar

facility that may take up to 35 years

to pay off. I want the best health care we

can get here but the practical side of me

says keep our clinics (which are debt free)

and our EMTs the best they can be and if

it takes an extra mil to achieve that so be

it. An interesting number put out by the

Sublette County Chamber of Commence

on its survey of support for the CAH of

94 percent led me to do my own polling

and the 10 chamber members I talked to

never even received the survey. Makes

you wonder doesn’t it? I also know that if

this is truly a Sublette County Chamber of

Commerce then its director and its board

had no business taking one side or the

other on an issue that has polarized this

county more that the first football game

between Pinedale and Big Piney. If this

initiative passes and the RFP is done, I believe

the costs will be far greater that the

proposed $51 million. In closing, I refer

to the last page of the Eide Bailly report

(in draft form remember) Sublette County

Rural Health Care District Statements of

Cash Flows Five Years ended June 30,

2020, Historical Financial Statement:

This page is completely blank. I will be

voting against the formation of a hospital

district to establish a CAH in Sublette

County on Nov. 3.