Editorial on the primary race

Dear editor,

The Primary is right around the corner, and Wyomingites are faced with a choice.  Harriet Hageman has demonstrated which side she really is on.  She'll make the same claims as ever about smaller government and opening up natural resources, but the real draw that she is counting on is that she is endorsed by Trump.  In his attempt to regain power after his failed coup attempt, he has endorsed candidates like Hageman and held rallies drumming up the hatred of perceived 'RINOs' (Republicans In Name Only), which is merely a form of bullying and gaslighting.  Liz Cheney, on the other hand, is a "real" Republican.  She supports many of the same things Hageman claims to support, including gun rights, utilization of our resources, and national defense, and was one of the proud few who had the integrity to stand up to Trump.  I don't agree with everything she believes, but I don't want to lose our democracy either.  I encourage everyone voting in the Republican primary to vote for Liz Cheney, and for all Democrats in Wyoming to switch parties to vote for her as well, unless they are supporting a particular candidate in their own primary.


Connor M. Thompson