Dry Wind LLC requests rezone, minor subdivision

SUBLETTE COUNTY – The owner of a 44.2-acre vacant parcel near the Pinedale Airport zoned agricultural proposes dividing it into two lots and rezoning one as Rural Residential-20 and the other as Light Industrial.

John A. Sulenta of Dry Wind LLC filed the applications with the Sublette County Planning Office on Sept. 26 with a Nov. 17 public hearing before the Sublette County Planning & Zoning Commission on Nov. 17 at 6 p.m.

He proposes dividing the property along Bridle Bit Lane that already divides it in two – Lot 1 with 26.34 acres and with Lot 2 with 17.86 acres. Lot 1’s RR-20 zoning would fit in with adjacent properties as would Lot 2’s Light Industrial portion, conforming to similar land uses, the application says.

“Regarding Lot 2, few other areas in Sublette County offer industrial opportunities,” it says. “This specific area, in proximity to the Ralph Wenz Airport, has been projected and accepted for industrial opportunities by past zoning board members and commissioners.”

Dry Wind’s minor subdivision application was also submitted for the creation of two lots.

A third agenda item is Joe Ricketts’ request to amend and expand his “guest ranch” conditional use permit to include the “Dead Shot Unit” and transfer its current short-term rentals into guest ranch units.

After staff reviews and the public meeting, county commissioners make the final vote on planning and zoning applications and permits at regular meetings.

The Sublette Planning & Zoning Commission’s Nov. 17 public meeting will take place in the Sublette County School District No. 1’s administration boardroom, 665 N. Tyler Ave., Pinedale.