DEQ Air Quality Awareness Week

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WYOMING — For the eighth consecutive year, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) – Air Quality Division (AQD) will join the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as other agencies across the country, in celebrating Air Quality Awareness Week from May 1-5. The national theme for 2023 is “Working Together for Clean Air.”
DEQ will celebrate throughout the month of May with outreach efforts that inspire Wyoming citizens to take action and consider incorporating air quality knowledge and conservation practices into their daily lifestyles.
Small, habitual practices such as refraining from idling vehicles, properly inflating tires on vehicles, turning off lights whenever possible and raising or lowering room temperature by 1 to 2 degrees can help reduce air emissions and save Wyoming’s citizens hundreds of dollars each year. DEQ will spread air quality awareness through public service announcements and the agency’s social media platforms. Staff members from DEQ’s Air Quality Division will be featured in the PSA videos, as well.  
“Maintaining clean air in Wyoming truly ensures the quality of life that we all deeply appreciate about our State,” said Nancy Vehr, AQD administrator. “We encourage the public to follow us on social media and watch for our informative PSAs to learn more on how they can play a role in improving air quality.” 
“We are excited that this year’s PSA videos will feature AQD employees discussing why they are passionate about their work and why preserving clean air in Wyoming is so important to them,” Vehr added.
DEQ encourages Wyoming’s citizens to utilize wyvisnet, which features near-real time air quality data and web cameras from across the State. Citizens can check the air quality conditions in their area by visiting 
To view the 2023 Air Quality Awareness Week PSA videos – and other educational content – please visit DEQ’s Air Quality Awareness page at