Dear Sublette County voters,

I am writing in strong support of the

Sublette County Hospital District’s plan

to develop a critical access hospital and

a modern long-term care facility. I have

always believed that three pillars to a robust,

vibrant community are an outstanding

school system, a high-quality health-care

delivery system and a means to provide

superior care for the elderly. If you are

successful with these plans, you will cover

two of the three pillars.

It has been an honor these past several

years to work closely with all of you as you

have discussed these plans and developed

the proforma. I remain very optimistic that

if you develop this critical access hospital

that it will do very well financially. St.

John’s remains, committed to partner with

you in any way that you see fit to ensure

your new hospital will not only be a financial

success but also be something you can

be proud of from a quality and patient experience


In my opinion, it is high time that Sublette

County makes this dream a reality. I

hope that this initiative is overwhelmingly

successful on the upcoming ballot.

Respectfully yours,