CWD confirmed in Pinedale Region bull elk

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Wyoming Game and Fish confirmed three new positive tests for chronic wasting disease in hunter-harvest bull elk, one in the Pinedale Region and two in the Sheridan Region.

On Monday, Nov. 1, Wyoming Game and Fish announced the new case is from a bull elk taken in Hunt Area 98, almost identical territory as mule deer Hunt Area 138, Boulder, where a mule deer was confirmed in January to have CWD.

Elk Hunt Area 98 runs southwest from the Wind River Range to Highway 28’s crossing of the Green River. It runs north up the Green River to Wyoming Highway 351, east along Highway 351 to the New Fork River, north up the New Fork to Boulder Creek, east up Boulder Creek to the Middle Fork of Boulder Creek, east up that creek to the Continental Divide, south along the divide to the Big Sandy River, south down the Big Sandy River to the Big Sandy Reservoir Road (Sweetwater County Road 28), west along that road to U.S. Highway 191, south along Highway 191 to U.S. Highway 28 and southwest along Highway 28 to the Green River.

Mule Deer Hunt Area 138 begins at the Fontenelle Dam on the Green River and from there, follows the same course.

Lymph node samples are tested mainly with hunters’ participation. The Centers for Disease Control recommends not eating any animal that is ill or tests positive for CWD.

Game and Fish announces when CWD is confirmed in a new big game hunt area. Throughout hunting season in focused monitoring areas, many hunters collect lymph node samples from harvested deer and elk for CWD testing.

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