Cut the cake!

Lucas Skoglund of the Bridger-Teton’s Pinedale Ranger District cuts Smokey’s birthday cake with a hatchet.

Smokey celebrates 75th at Deadline Ridge Cabin

The renovated

Deadline Ridge Fire Lookout’s open house

brought 50 people or so up to 10,200 feet

above sea level to marvel at all of the work

done by Sublette Historic Preservation Board

CLG and Bridger-Teton National Forest.

The tiny 11-foot by 11-foot cabin was

rebuilt and fitted with historic furnishings

common to the life of fire watchers high

in the mountains. Sublette County Historical

Society president Clint Gilchrist

said member Bob Beiermann brought the

once-dilapidated structure to the county’s

attention and members and volunteers built

and refinished furnishings. The cabin will

stay open through the year so visitors can get

a sense of the history as well as the efforts to

preserve it.

Smokey was also there to celebrate his

75th birthday with a chocolate cake; since

no one brought a knife, a hatchet was used to

cut the cake, along with special house cookies

decorated with Lifesavers to make the

number 8, in honor of the lookout’s original

number on the roof.


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