COVID spread slows, vaccines open to those 18 and older

PINEDALE – COVID-19 cases in Sublette County slowed to numbers not seen since last summer, the Sublette COVID-19 Response Group reported on March 17. The Wyoming Department of Health reported one active case in the county on Wednesday.

Public Health announced that vaccinations are now open to all adults 18 years of age and older. People do not need to fit into a specific category to register for the vaccine, said Public Health nurse Robin Carnes in the response group's weekly briefing.

The registration form was changed to accommodate everyone in the community over 18, Carnes said, and is available at To register, Sublette County residents must fill out a brief Google survey on the website listed above before they are placed on a waiting list to receive an appointment.

Carnes reported that vaccination in Sublette County was progressing well. Public Health is receiving 100 double-dose Moderna vaccines per week and the first batch of 100 single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccines arrived, Carnes added.

The Sublette COVID-19 Response Group reported that as of Friday, March 12, 13.91 percent of the adult population 18 years of age or older has been fully vaccinated while 8.5 percent received their first dose.

Dr. Brendan Fitzsimmons, Sublette County Public Health officer, stated during Wednesday's briefing that vaccination meant victory over COVID-19. He praised Public Health's efforts in distributing the vaccine.

"Between the vaccine and natural immunity from people who have had (COVID-19), we are probably getting up to 50 percent of the population of Sublette County that has some protection against this virus," Fitzsimmons explained. "It does seem like (COVID-19) is not very widespread or prevalent in Sublette County right now."

The Sublette COVID-19 Response Group praised public participation in mitigation efforts recommended by local and state public health officials for slowing COVID-19's spread.

The response group encouraged the public to continue following guidelines to keep case counts low and protect the community. The list included wearing masks, maintaining 6 feet of social distancing from people that live outside a household, avoiding crowds and indoor spaces that lack fresh air intake, practicing good hand hygiene and staying home if you feel unwell.

As of March 17, Sublette County recorded 682 total COVID-19 cases, 674 recoveries, seven deaths and one active case.