County P&Z to hear numerous business plans

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Family business – both new and expanding – are behind several of the applications to be reviewed by the Sublette County Planning & Zoning Commission on Thursday, April 22.

First on the agenda is a Feb. 16 request from Mack Bradley for the Bradley Family Trust, asking to have 5 vacant acres with an old, unused gravel pit at Highway 189 and North Piney-Cottonwood Road rezoned from “Agricultural” to “Light Industrial.”

Bradley said the reason is “to do a family exemption division for business purposes. … Provides an opportunity for additional business development in the Marbleton-Big Piney area.”

“Easy access” to the 5 non-irrigated acres would be from North-Piney Cottonwood Road, with several developed industrial-zoned districts on both sides of Highway 189, according to the application. An attachment discusses county policies to encourage diversified development, stimulate economic activity and create no adverse impacts.

Although the application does not specify what kind of business would be there, light industrial zoning allows a range of uses from service stations to non-nuisance manufacturing/ processing facility, salvage yard, sawmill or wholesale storage, according to Sublette County regulations. 

Rim Station

The next March 2 application is from Jason and Melina Moyes, owners of The Rim Station, seeking a setback variance to install gas pumps and storage tanks. The business has not stored or sold fuel for many years, although the historic log building opened in 1950 as a store and gas station on Highway 191 at the Hoback Rim.

“The property is already permitted for fuel service use and is currently only being used as a convenience store for highway travelers and RV park customers,” wrote Rio Verde Engineering’s Aaron Seehafer. “Fuel service is not currently available. There are no fuel pumps and the old fuel tanks were removed in the past.”

Modern RVs and vehicles are much larger than in the past

With the variance approved, the proposed fuel pump island would be placed in front of the Rim Station “as close as 2 feet from the property line and approximately 65 feet from the nearest travel lane,” to allow customers to travel in each direction and park to enter the store, the application says.

Without changing the 20-foot setback, the pumps would be almost directly in front of the Rim Station, which would need to be altered, it says.

Changing lines

The third application is a simple request from Mary Perry and Tarek Ellsworth who propose adjusting the boundary line between Lot 8 at 20 BD Boulevard and Lot 9 at 12 Bonnie Road in Pinedale, both in BB Village.

The fourth request is an application from Benjamin Cilensek of Dull Knife, LLC, proposing a partial vacation and replatting of 12 vacant Rural Residential Mobile Home lots in Green River Ranch Unit A. The application also seeks changing the zoning district to Agricultural.

The map of ownership shows Cilensek owns just over 50 acres and Richard Canestrini, trustee for Cilensek’s living trust, holds almost 65 acres for a contiguous total of 115.146 acres.

“By changing the zoning of my property, this will allow me to better afford agricultural activities on the land,” he wrote. It would allow him to keep the acreage “in its entirety and preserve the native land.”

Although the land is zoned for residences, his family hopes to “improve the land quality for agriculture use and provide benefit to the public through future sales tax revenue generated by agricultural activities.”

The property has adjudicated water rights for irrigation ditches and ponds and two new wells would be “dedicated to agricultural uses,” he said.

The Sublette County Planning & Zoning Commission’s monthly meetings are open to the public. Visit for agendas and minute. The commission reviews and makes recommendations on applications for the Board of Sublette County Commissioners’ vote at its next bimonthly meeting.

Short-term rentals

Interested people are invited to participate in developing the county’s short-term rental policies for unincorporated areas. The Sublette County Planning and Zoning Commission plans a public workshop on Thursday, April 29, at 6 p.m. in the Lovatt Room of the Sublette County Library, 155 S. Tyler Ave., Pinedale. Maximum occupancy will be 50 people. Written comments submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department. A link to attend virtually will be posted at and