Council votes to complete fish-pond building – finally

MARBLETON – The last steps to install the functional storage-shed building at the Marbleton Community Pond.

At its Oct. 10 meeting, the Marbleton Town Council reviewed two offers from contractor Shane Lawrence, to not exceed $27,000, and Walters Contracting, with an estimate of $13,500.

Mayor Jim Robinson, councilmembers and public works supervisor Todd Brown went over both offers.

Councilmember BJ Meador said the first was based on square footage and the second on time and materials.

Councilmember Roger McMannis moved to accept the Walters Contracting offer; he, Meador, Robinson and councilmembers Jeff McCormick and Karen Wenz all voted “aye.”

The project is about a year behind schedule; it stalled after Shane Copeland of Triple Peak Landscaping put together a bid package totaling $91,287 in May 2021 to prepare the site for the town’s 30-by-40-foot steel building.

Copeland’s package had also included the actual building, concrete work, excavation, erection and 3-inch foam insulation with over head doors, finishes, heat and power. The construction period was estimated to run from June to September of 2021.

The Marbleton Town Council noted at that time the quoted costs were considerably lower than bids received in 2020.

However, Copeland quickly fell behind contracted deadlines with preparation and the building’s delivery was also delayed until October 2021. The building arrived many months later and by that time, town officials had amended deadlines and declined to advance any more money to Copeland and Triple Peak Landscaping.

Copeland was unable to pay the town back and in March, signed a promissory note to repay $37,553.42 in three installments. However, he defaulted and on Sept. 12, town attorney Thayne Peterson filed a civil breach-of-contract complaint against Copeland and Triple Peak, records show.

On Oct. 10, Robinson said, “That is why we piecemealed it and took control. We have money budgeted for this.”


SAFV executive director Many Moffat informed the council of the annual proclamation of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

She said the nonprofit has helped more people throughout the year including children than any in the past. Staff also helped victims file three sexual assault protection orders, which hadn’t happened in the past.

“If those trends continue, we will be way beyond those (past) numbers,” she said.

Robinson read the mayor’s portion and the council voted in favor of the proclamation.


Sublette County Visitor Center director Peter Paulin said July, August and September visitation rates were down. Staff are tracking visitors’ specific requests and the top are hiking, biking, outdoor recreation, restaurants, retail, the Grays’ rock shop and county museums.

The board continues to work with the Green River Valley Museum to install a visitor desk at its donated building at the corner of Budd Avenue and Highway 189 in Big Piney.

Paulin recently attended a winter recreation trade show and spoke with bus-tour operators; he is shifting gears to market next summer with possible road-based history tours and a map for Southwest Wyoming Off-Road Trail System.

MHP zone

The council discussed the current status of separate mobile-homeowners’ lots zoned as “mobile home park” where they might prefer “Residential-2” zoning. These lots are between East Sixth and Kenneth and Sage and Columbine.

The mobile home park zoning would allow older trailers. Residential zoning would be limited to buildings to 10 years old or less unless an owner requested a conditional use permit.

Town clerk Shannon McCormick said each owner pays his or her own water and sewer fees.

Robinson asked what residents’ benefits would be zoned residential.

Town attorney Thayne Peterson said mobile home parks require annual inspections. “We’ve been treating it like an R2 zone already instead of treating it as a mobile home park.”

Changing them to residential zoning would simplify the town’s oversight and “could up their property value eventually,” McMannis added.

Robinson asked staff to contact the owners and see what questions or concerns they might have. Peterson said rezoning would call for public notice and a public hearing.

Other Marbleton news

• McCormick urged councilmembers to attend the Oct. 28 chili contest, pie cook-off and Jack o' lantern Jamboree at Marbleton Town Hall

• The council approved continuing life-flight insurance for volunteer board members and their families

• The council is awaiting clarification before finalizing its insurance claims after a water main flooded Marbleton Town Hall.

• Sam Bixler said the State Land Investment Board moved its upcoming federal-grants meeting to Oct. 27 and if not finished to continue on Nov. 3.

• Flicks N’ Pins manager Mike Orham announced the facility was awarded a state youth bowling tournament and will be looking for sponsors and added moneys.


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