Construction to cause delays near Daniel

SUBLETTE COUNTY – The Wyoming Department of Transportation announced that it, along with contract crews from Highway Improvement, Inc., will be conducting crack-sealing work in multiple locations across western Wyoming. The projects are slated to begin Thursday, April 8, in Kemmerer and the work is contingent upon weather, as roads must be clear of snow and safe for work.

The project is scheduled to start in Kemmerer on the US 30 Connector Road for a few days. The project’s totality is scheduled to last over a month as it moves to US 189 and Wyoming Highway 354 near Daniel, US 189 near La Barge and Wyoming Highway 372 and Wyoming Highway 240 near Opal.

WYDOT has advised commuters to expect up to 20-minute delays on these roads. Traffic will be carried through the work areas at reduced speeds with single lanes. Motorists are advised to watch for flaggers and be prepared to stop at each location.

Crack sealing is used as a defense against pavement deterioration. Effective crack sealing keeps water from entering or weakening the base or sub-base of the roadway.

Highway Improvement, Inc. was awarded the contract last year and a completion date for the project is projected at May 15.