Community surveys go to mailboxes

PINEDALE – A little over 25 years ago, the school district and Western Wyoming Community College formed Sublette BOCES. The reason BOCES was formed was to help enrich education for communities in Sublette School District No. 1 (SCSD#1). Most of that enrichment has come within the school, but there are many ways Sublette BOCES enriches education in the community.

Sublette BOCES enriches education through a number of community organizations.

Of course, many people in town have taken adult education classes from BOCES. Others have sent their children to the after-school programs there, or have their younger children enrolled in BOCES preschool.

Sublette BOCES is preparing to check the community’s pulse for its education needs. To do that check, they will be conducting a mailed survey of residents. If you reside within the boundaries of SCSD#1 and receive a questionnaire in the mail, you will get to help set BOCES’ priorities for the next several years.

BOCES has drawn a list of over 500 people to sample. If your name was drawn, it is important that you complete the questionnaire and return it because you represent other people like you.

Sublette BOCES will use the results of the survey to set its funding priorities for the next several years. The results will also be helpful to the board of BOCES as it sets the organization’s course for the future.

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