Commissioners award three scholarships

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PINEDALE — Three students — one from Sublette County School District No. 1 and two from Sublette County School District No. 9 — will head off to college with a little extra support to offset tuition, thanks to the Board of Sublette County Commissioners. At the April 18 regular meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to award scholarships to Hannah Runyan, Jovany Munoz, both of Big Piney, and Jaylee Bousman, of Boulder, each in the amount of $500 per semester for their first year of school at an in-state university or community college.

The scholarships were awarded as part of a long-standing tradition and in accordance with Wyoming State Statute 21-17-105, which sets forth that “tuition shall be as nearly free as possible.”

The commissioners selected the trio out of 10 applicants following a short executive session. In making their choices, the commissioners considered each student’s extracurricular activities, scholastic ability, American College Testing (ACT) score and grade point average.