Circuit Court roundup Oct. 10 to Oct. 16

These new charges were filed in Sublette County Circuit Court from Oct. 10 to Oct. 16.

Rylee Stevenson: Criminal trespass; breach of peace.

Richard Coleman: Driving under the influence alcohol; possession of marijuana, misdemeanor.

Bryan Zarn: Possession of marijuana, misdemeanor.

A.H.: Minor in possession in a school zone, misdemeanor.

The following fines and sentences were imposed in Circuit Court from Oct. 10 to Oct. 16.

John D. Fandek, Cora: Violation of human presence on a wildlife habitat management area, fine $450; violation of antler collection regulations, fine $450.

Adrian Sandoval, Pinedale: Reckless endangering, jail 365 days with 259 suspended, 18 months unsupervised probation; reckless driving, property destruction under $1,000, fines $1,970, restitution $2,446.58.

Gabriel Robertson, Daniel: Exceeding 70 mph on a highway, fine $250.

Jacob E. Mackey, Big Piney: Superintendent’s speed zone, fine $205.

Heath Cushing, Daniel: Under 21 possessing alcohol, six months unsupervised probation, fines $670.

Christopher Gepner, Pinedale: Expired registration, fine $140.

Susan M. Holz, Pinedale: Superintendent’s speed zone, fine $150.

Cindy Hernandez Moralez, Pinedale: Exceeding 70 mph on a highway.