Circuit Court roundup May 8 through May 14

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These new charges were filed in Sublette County Circuit Court from May 8 through May 14.

Taylor J. Jensen: Burglary; theft less than $1,000; property destruction less than $1,000.

Wilford L. Richmond II: Unauthorized use of a vehicle; criminal entry; interference with a peace officer; littering.

Mark Stapp: Possession of marijuana; superintendent’s speed zone.

Bryan A. Deruiter-Zylker: Use of a controlled substance; property destruction less than $1,000.

Robin L. Winters: Possession of a controlled substance, pill or cap, two counts; theft less than $1,000, two counts.

Collin Cochran-Dennis: Possession of marijuana.

Devina Fletcher: Possession of marijuana.

Alfred E. Norton: Sell-furnish alcohol to person under 21.


The following fines and sentences were imposed May 8 to May 14.

Travis Donaldson, Pinedale: Child safety restraint, fine $70; valid driver’s license, fine $140.

John Johnston, Pinedale: Fail to yield to enter, cross road, fine $90.

Jennifer Gillett, Daniel: Driving with a suspended license, fine $200.

Junior Aldava-Bretado, Pinedale: Superintendent’s speed zone, fine $185.

Renee Bultima, Big Piney: Under 21 possessing alcohol, fine $100; open container of alcohol in a moving vehicle, fine $80.

Uriel Hill, Big Piney: Under 21 possessing alcohol, fine $100.