Circuit Court roundup Jan. 9 through Jan. 22

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These new charges were filed in Sublette County Circuit Court from Jan. 9 through Jan. 22.

Josiah M. Rooney: Driving under the influence of a controlled substance, second offense in 10 years; driving vehicle in a single lane.

Andrew Young: DUI.

Bryan Landers: Driving with a suspended license; no compulsory auto insurance; driving a vehicle in a single lane; no valid registration.

Warren E. Meredith: Unlawful contact, recklessly causing bodily injury.

Richard Coleman: DUI, first offense; turning left at intersection yield to approaching traffic.

Kory J. R. Graham, Jr.: DUI.

Joshua S. Rose: Unlawful contact, rude, insolent or angry touches without bodily injury.

Robert D. Sanders, Jr.: Domestic battery, first offense.

Lindsay Orchard: Violate a protection order.

Guillermo Vazquez De Goma: Driving under the influence of alcohol.


The following fines and actions were imposed in Circuit Court from Jan. 9 to Jan. 22.

Jax Jacobson, Pinedale: Exceeding 30 mph in an urban district, fine $140.

Sawyer Evans, Pinedale: Exceeding 65 mph on a paved road, fine $135.

Gloria T. DeNava, Pinedale: Delivery of a controlled substance, bound over to 9th District Court.

Campbell Sinnett, Pinedale: Exceeding 70 mph on a highway, fine $130.

Jared Anderson, Pinedale: Compulsory auto insurance, fine $560.

Kara D. Wiebe, Pinedale: Exceeding 70 mph on a highway, fine $130.

John H. Berndt, Big Piney: Valid driver’s license, fine $150.