Celebrate ranchers, farmers on National Ag Day

In today’s world, people are more connected to information than they have ever been before. From social media to 24-hour news networks, the ability to access information has never been closer to our fingers and eyes than it is today.

The sheer volume of information we consume each day through these sources can be overwhelming at times. While this can be challenging for consuming news or trying to get information out, it can also provide opportunities to learn about people and stories you’ve never had access to before.

Not so long ago, almost everyone had some direct connection to agriculture and the food we eat each day. Be it a family member involved in the agriculture industry, a friend or someone they knew from the community, people of this country were much more closely connected to agriculture.

As society in general moves further and further away from the farm or ranch, it becomes harder to learn about where our food comes from because that direct connection is no longer a part of the life of many Americans. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to learn if you’re willing to look. Social media and the internet have brought more information to your fingertips than ever before. From producers who share their stories on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok across the country to organizations that work hard to help people understand the production of food, there are many new and exciting ways to connect to this vital industry.

‘Growing Wyoming’

Recently, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture started developing a series of short videos that showcase different producers in Wyoming called “Growing Wyoming.” In these short videos, producers talk about everything from beef production, to challenges they face in agriculture, to the value of this industry to Wyoming and more. It’s an opportunity to see producers of this state talking about their operations and lives in quick, easy to watch videos for everyone that can be seen on the WDA YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/WyomingAg. 

‘Real Ranchers’

Another great resource to learn about agriculture in Wyoming is a website focused on connecting people to Wyoming rural communities called Real Ranchers at https://realranchers.com/. On this site, you will see a wide variety of topics that ranchers and rural communities in Wyoming are facing. It’s a great resource to hear first hand from those working in the industry about the food you eat on a day-to-day basis.

Along with this, several other Wyoming organizations are focused on outreach to citizens like Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom, the Wyoming Beef Council, University of Wyoming Extension, Wyoming FFA, Wyoming 4-H, Wyoming Farm Bureau, Wyoming Stock Growers, Wyoming Wool Growers and more. Each of these organizations has valuable information on their social media accounts and websites to help you be more informed about Wyoming agriculture. 

Ag is vital

While we may not be as connected to the farm as we once were, understanding where your food comes from is not only important for consumers, but for the agriculture industry as well. The more consumers know and support this industry, the better. Agriculture is vital to the state of Wyoming from an economic and cultural standpoint by supporting our rural communities, maintaining our open spaces, providing habitat for wildlife, fostering energy development and increasing tourism revenues to name a few. Because of this, we hope you cut through the noise of all the information available to you and take a moment this spring to learn more about this industry and all it does for the state of Wyoming.