Bursting with STEAM

Monica Aiello photos Big Piney Middle School sixth-graders Andrew Pusch, left, Brayson Boyer, center, and Clairee Bingham work with Tyler Aiello of Eurekus on light-emitting-diode terrariums.

Big Piney Middle School students experiment

Big Piney Middle School

students became “Artist Explorers” last week

thanks to a STEAM-based arts residency

presented by the Pinedale Fine Arts Council.

Instructors Tyler and Monica Aiello from

the Denver-based education organization

Eurekus, worked with Kristi Hibbert’s sixththrough

eighth-grade science students focusing

on basic and more complex elements of

engineering through the construction of small

colorful machines.

Sixth-grade students made LED terrariums

based on the Earth’s systems. Seventh-graders

focused on two NASA programs: art and

the cosmic connection and pneumatic rockets

while eighth-graders made a mini-propeller

powered racer. The week culminated in races

and outdoor rocket launches.

STEAM is a movement to add the arts into

the traditional science, technology, engineering

and math education to help students think

creatively and learn engineering projects

from scratch.

PFAC Director Kari DeWitt said, “It’s

great seeing art work together with science,

technology, engineering and math to create

a more thorough educational opportunity for

the students. They really get to think outside

the box. It’s a Big Piney initiative that really

matters to PFAC.”

PFAC provides over 20 arts educations

opportunities in Pinedale and Big Piney

schools, including fine arts, music, Shakespeare,

dance, STEAM and poetry.


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