Boulder Canal project brings public meeting

SUBLETTE COUNTY – The United States Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service is holding a public scoping meeting on June 9 for a proposed project outside of Boulder.

The project, sponsored by the Boulder Irrigation District, is planned to use federal funds to line a 14.7-mile section of the Boulder Canal. Designs would also rehabilitate an existing canal siphon, headgate and canal diversion. The Boulder Irrigation District also plans to install a flow measuring station with controls near the diversion of the Boulder Canal.

These plans would provide flood protection and water conservation for the district. This would also improve irrigation water reliability for the water users that irrigate 10,587 acres and restore productivity for the 3,219 acres of flooded agricultural lands.

This proposed project would occur near unincorporated Boulder and portions of surrounding parts of Sublette County.

Boulder Community Center will host the public scoping meeting in effort to provide information about the conceptual design and to give an avenue to collect public comment. The meeting will be held 5 to 7 p.m.