BLM cleans dumpsites near Big Piney

Cost to public exceeds $14,000

BIG PINEY – As part of
the Bureau of Land Management’s
efforts to keep public
lands healthy and productive,
the Pinedale Field Office recently
cleaned up two dumpsites
in the Big Piney area.
The BLM informed the
public in April 2017 of a large
dumpsite on public land, near
the Rocky Mountain Power
Chimney Butte Substation
and Calpet Road. Based on
the size, illegally dumping
of garbage has occurred for
years. With the assistance of
a private company, the BLM
cleaned up the site and surrounding
public land.
The second dumpsite BLM
cleaned up consisted of approximately
80 gallons of
used motor oil. Cleanup of
the oil was complicated due
to the containers being shot.
The total cost of the cleanups
was $14,100.
To date, BLM has no suspects
for either dumpsite, but
law enforcement continues to
The BLM is urging people
to stop dumping on public
lands. There is a significant
cost to the taxpayer for cleaning
up dumpsites on public
land each year.
People can anonymously
report suspicious activity on
public lands to the BLM Law
Enforcement Ranger Cody


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