Big Piney voters okay to annex

File photo

SUBLETTE COUNTY – One big goal for outgoing Big Piney Mayor Tyler Maxfield was to quiz citizens on whether or not they were interested in combining with Marbleton, its larger neighbor just up the road.

Maxfield’s question appeared on the May 9 municipal election’s ballot – “Are you for or against merging The Town of Marbleton and The Town of Big Piney?”

Town clerk Kristi Gray confirmed the results: YES, 46; NO, 23 and NOT VOTING, 3.

Maxfield said people think their votes don’t matter but they do count, he added.

Longtime councilmember Sherri Redden lost by one vote this election after winning her term back by one vote last election. Councilmember Stafford Polk IV did not run again.

Maxfield also pointed out when councilmember Scott Scherbel and newcomer Sierra Banks tied in one election and the flip of a coin put Banks onto the town council.

“One vote certainly does count,” Maxfield said.

At the Big Piney Town Council’s June 20 meeting, new mayor Shane Voss and new councilmembers Dalin Highes and Kinsy Voss will be sworn in.