Big Piney Vipers heat up Sublette Ice Arena


Angie Swanson photos

SUBLETTE COUNTY – The Big Piney Vipers hockey team had its annual bout against Pinedale on Saturday, Feb. 27. The Sublette County Ice Arena was gracious to host, and the players from both towns showed up in full.

The Big Piney hockey program has fluctuated in numbers the past few years with 15 players four years ago, 16 players three years ago, 12 players last year and nearly 30 players this year. Almost half of this year’s players are girls and the ages range from 4 to 14 years old.

The team was coached by Thomas Barron (BPHS student), Bob Beiermann (DVM), Colin Barney, Josie Barney, Travis Swanson and Angie Swanson.

This was the Vipers’ first and only game this season. Kids were nervous and excited to play on an indoor rink and 21 of the 24 that skated in the game were first-year skaters. The score was a lot to one goal for Big Piney.

For Pinedale, Larry Braun and the Squirts team were awesome opponents and it was good for the Big Piney kids to see them play. Lauryn Hansen helped to organize the Mini Mites/Mites games and they also made for a great experience for the Vipers.

If the program continues to grow, the Vipers hope to join the Wyoming Amateur Hockey Association.

Special thanks to Grant Golden for hosting and for being one of the game’s referees.

The comment heard most from Big Piney players at the conclusion of the game was, “It’s so HOT in here!”

Spoken truly from kids who are used to skating at 8 degrees.