Big Piney moves investments

The Big Piney Town

Council voted unanimously to place town investments

worth $3,004,000 into bonds with

Kaiser and Company of Cheyenne at its regular

meeting on Nov. 20.

The council removed its investments from

Bank of the West at their Sept. 18 meeting due

to high fees charged by the bank and a low return

on their investment.

Mayor Michelle Hymas said that the town

had several options, including keeping the

money in the state WYO-STAR program or

investing the money in bonds offered by Kaiser

and Company with a one- to five-year return.

Hymas said that the bond option was a

way to spread the town’s money out, adding

that if the town decided to sell the bonds, they

could easily transfer the bonds into money

market accounts with Kaiser.

Kaiser required a small fee up front, Hymas

reported, but the return on investment after

fees from Kaiser was more favorable than that

offered by Bank of the West. All council members

agreed and voted unanimously on a motion

to invest the $3,004,000 into bonds with

Kaiser and Company.

The town of Big Piney is gearing up for

Christmas. Hymas announced at the meeting

that the town will conduct its annual Light Parade

on Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 6 p.m. Recreation

Center Supervisor Eddy Delgado said 14 floats

were already lined up for the parade. The event

will culminate with the first annual lighting of

the town Christmas tree.

Streets and Parks supervisor Kara Losik

reported that the 5-amp fuses in the town’s

streetlamps were insufficient, and advised replacing

them with 15- to 20-amp fuses. Hymas

supported spending the extra money to update

the fuses before Christmas so they can be used

for decorations.

The community of Big Piney has experienced

some recent setbacks, Hymas said, and

paying a little extra to brighten up the town

for Christmas festivities will help to “raise

people’s hopes.”

Other news from the council meeting includes:

•Hymas reported that coliform counts in

municipal well No. 1 tested high, and suggested

that the council take action to either cap

the well or try another acid treatment. Hymas

said that well No. 1 was not part of the town’s

system. Council members brought up concerns

with another well, well No. 3, and advised

waiting until experts had a proper picture of

what might be causing the problem with the

two wells before deciding on action.

•The council accepted the resignation of

Public Works Supervisor Joe Dankelman.

Dankelman recently accepted another position

out of state. The board showed appreciation for

Dankelman’s service. Losik reported that employees

from Marbleton will help Big Piney

operate its public works after Dankelman

leaves. Hymas thanked the town of Marbleton

for the assistance.

•The council voted unanimously to approve

liquor licenses for the Silver Spur Bar/Shadyside

and La Cabana.

•The council voted unanimously to accept

NaCole Stevens as Big Piney’s representative

to the Airport Board.

•The council discussed dealing with the gall

mite infestation in town trees. Local contractor

Ron Gordon proposed trimming the trees as

treatment for $300 a tree, with a 20-tree minimum.

Losik reported that she had applied for

two grants with the Wyoming State Forestry

Division and the Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree

City U.S.A. grant. Hymas said the town will

consider its options before taking action.

•Due to the Light Parade on Dec. 18, the

council agreed to move its next regular meeting

to Monday, Dec. 17, at 6 p.m.


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