Big Piney ends regular season with gauntlet weekend

Robert Galbreath photos

WYOMING – The Lady Punchers closed out the regular season with a busy weekend with three consecutive games. On Thursday, Oct. 21, Big Piney fell to non-conference rival Kemmerer, 3-0.

The Punchers hit the court for their final home game on Friday, squaring off against Lyman’s junior varsity squad. The Eagles unleashed their heavy hitters and scored the win, 3-0.

Showing no signs of exhaustion, Big Piney traveled to take on conference rival Shoshoni on Saturday. The Wranglers defended their home court with a 3-1 win.

Both teams put up a fight, however, with Big Piney matching the Wranglers point for point until Shoshoni edged ahead in the first two sets.

The Punchers defeated Shoshoni in the third set, and remained in the lead for most of the fourth set.

The close matches against Shoshoni proved the Punchers’ mettle as they travel to Lander this weekend for the 2A West Conference Regionals on Oct. 29-30.

“We had a busy week for sure,” said head coach Kinsy Voss. “We had to deal with a couple of injuries and decided to be smart and rest some of our key players this week since none of the games were conference. We saw a good amount of potential from freshman Micah Strong and also got to see good leadership from seniors Sierra Keiter and Jocie Banks. This week is all business as we prepare for Regionals.”


The Wranglers took the initiative early in the first set before Big Piney caught up and tied the match at 10 points. Shoshoni hit the net on a serve delivered by junior Brynne Hoffman.

Senior Lena Hatch scored point 5 for the Punchers. Hatch and Banks scored points defending the net and Hoffman aced point 8.

The Punchers overtook Shoshoni with a kill by Hatch, assisted by Banks. Junior Shelby Guest dug deep, setting the ball up for Hoffman to bump over. Strong spiked over a kill.

Shoshoni pulled ahead at point 14. Big Piney returned to the offense with hits by senior Ceci Sambrano and junior Hannah Runyan. The Wranglers tangled with the net returning a serve by Keiter. A second serve delivered by Keiter tied the set at point 20.

Kills by Runyan and Keiter kept the Wranglers in check until Shoshoni regained the lead and scored set point, 25-22.

Shoshoni stormed the court in the second set, taking the win, 25-19.

The Lady Punchers refused to yield in the third set. Hits from Banks and Sambrano carried Big Piney to point 8.

Shoshoni caught up at point 9. Runyan tied the set at point 10 with a block. Sambrano, assisted by Banks, slammed over a kill for point 12. Runyan tapped the ball over the net for point 13 off a set from Banks.

Defensive network by Runyan widened Big Piney’s lead. Hatch spiked over a kill, assisted by Sambrano, to score point 16.

A block by Hatch and a hit fired off by Keiter put Big Piney 6 points ahead of the Wranglers. Keiter spiked over a pair of kills, both assisted by Banks. Shoshoni served the ball into the net for Big Piney to take the win, 25-20.

Big Piney battled Shoshoni point for point in a heater fourth set. Shoshoni hit the net twice returning serves by Keiter. Runyan played a block and Strong scored two offensive points.

A kill by Hatch broke a tie at point 8. Hatch wound up another kill and Shoshoni failed to return Banks’ serve, tying the set again at point 13.

The Lady Punchers maintained the initiative with hits by Keiter, Strong and Hatch and an ace from Hoffman.

Shoshoni snuck up at the end of the set, overtaking Big Piney for the win, 25-22.

Lyman JV

Lyman established a significant lead in the beginning of the first set, though Big Piney fought back in the second half. The Eagles finished the match ahead, 25-17.

Keiter scored point 3 with a kill. Runyan tapped the ball over off a set from senior Autumn Wright. Lyman hit the net returning a serve by senior Zoe Long. Hatch shot over a kill for point 7.

Dig digs by Runyan and senior Hanna Hansen allowed Keiter to score point 11. Banks served up three aces.

Lyman pulled out all the stops in the second set, taking the win, 25-14. Runyan, Guest and Banks scored early offensive points. The Eagles tangled with the net returning a serve by Sambrano for point 8. Big Piney briefly tied the match at point 10 when the Eagles failed to return a serve by Banks.

The Eagles won the third set, 25-15. Wright, Runyan, Guest and Keiter each fired off offensive hits. Lyman struck out returning serves by Long, Wright and Keiter.


The Lady Rangers won the first set, 25-22, though not without a strong resistance by the Punchers.

Kemmerer hit the net on a serve by Hoffman, tying the match at point 4. Sambrano and Hatch delivered kills for points 8 and 10. A kill by Runyan, assisted by Sambrano, took the Punchers to point 15. Runyan made a block for point 18.

Kemmerer took the win in a close second set, 25-20. Defensive network by Ruyan took Big Piney to point 3. Sambrano delivered a kill for point 11. Kemmerer managed to score point 14 despite deep digs by Guest and Strong.

Keiter and Hatch scored defensive points with a set of blocks. Runyan and Sambrano shot over kills for points 16 and 19 respectively.

The Lady Rangers stepped up the pressure in the third set, winning, 25-16. Two hits by Strong resulted in early points for the Punchers. Hoffman served up point 5 to tie the set. Keiter and Strong scored several offensive points and Banks delivered an ace.