Big Piney approves ‘pet protection’

Cali O'Hare file photo

SUBLETTE COUNTY – The Big Piney Town Council approved the third and final reading on Feb. 21 of Ordinance 2022-01, Animal Protection.

Councilmembers Sherri Redden, Tawnya Miller, Mayor Tyler Maxfield, Stafford Polk IV and Sierra Banks supported the town rule that calls for any animals to have shelter, food and water. Code officer Greg Eiden proposed it to make sure he can warn owners that pets and other owned animals outside must have protection from weather. He can write warning letters giving a town resident one month to correct the situation. If the situation isn’t fixed, Eiden could write a citation or ask a Sublette County deputy to help pick up an “endangered animal,” he said.

An ordinance means a municipal judge would review the citation and consider a fine.

A deputy at the meeting said he is not an animal expert and there’s a big difference between a chihuahua in minus 20-degree weather and a husky in the same weather.

Mayor Maxfield said the judge determines if someone has violated the town’s ordinance, not law enforcement.

“All you need is a plywood shelter so they can get out of the wind,” he said.

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