Big Piney and Marbleton commit to partnership

The towns of

Big Piney and Marbleton held a joint

meeting on Monday, March 25, with

town council members and town employees

present. The meeting was an

open forum for employees and council

members to express concerns and ideas

as the summer season approaches.

Marbleton Mayor Jim Robinson

and Big Piney Mayor Michelle Hymas

opened the meeting by thanking employees

for all their hard work this winter

and committing to the partnership

between the communities.

“I want to commend our team – they

had a heck of a winter,” Robinson said.

“It was a pleasure to see how everything

fit together and how all the employees

have each other’s backs. I also want to

commend Big Piney for the camaraderie

and working together with us. This

makes all our jobs easier to deal with.”

“I want to thank our staff,” Hymas

said. “We have a lot of new faces on

board, and people are really stepping up

to get trained. I agree with Mayor Robinson

that we have a lot of camaraderie

with Marbleton and we work with great


Hymas presented a contract for

Fourth of July fireworks services with

Acme Pro Pyro. The two towns will

split the budget, Hymas said, with

$7,000 from Marbleton and $5,000

from Big Piney. Hymas transferred the

contract to Robinson for Marbleton to

look over.

The town of Big Piney is “struggling

to bring water well no. 1 online,”

Hymas continued. More testing will

be carried out this week, she said, and

added that Marbleton may need to provide

emergency water over the summer.

“We’re doing everything in our

power to get the well back online,”

Hymas said. Big Piney Parks and

Streets Manager Kara Losik said the situation

seemed to be getting better, with

the “turbidity improving” in the well.

Big Piney Recreation Manager Eddy

Delgado reported that he and his staff

came up with a theme for the Fourth of

July Parade – “Legends of the Past.” After

a brief discussion, the towns agreed on the

theme. Ashley Jones, deputy town clerk of

Marbleton, told Delgado to “let us know what

you need help with.”

Big Piney council member Aimee Davison

discussed the new Big Piney and Marbleton

Community Development Group. Citizens

from both communities recently came together

with the goal to promote events in the

towns and market the communities, she said.

The organization is in the “last stages” of

applying for 501(c)(3) status.

“Our focus is to bring events here, get

people into the community and get them to

maybe move here,” Davison said. She added

that the group consists of five committees and

meets on the third Thursday of the month at

noon in the Big Piney Library.

Sam Bixler, a consultant for Marbleton,

talked about his work on the beautification

committee of the development group. He

hopes to work with the town councils to improve

the appearance of the communities.

“About 6,000 cars a day pass through

(Big Piney and Marbleton) in the summer,”

he said. “We have one shot to catch their impression.”

Losik suggested forming a list of people

in the towns who need assistance maintaining

their property with a reference list of volunteers

willing to help out.


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