Big Piney accepts manhole repair bid

In a long-running effort to shore up a

relatively new system, the Big Piney Town Council accepted

the low bid to repair and seal leaky manholes.

The town’s new sewer line was connected to the Marbleton

wastewater facility several years ago and previous

attempts to seal manhole leaks were not successful.

Brian Gray, engineer with Jorgensen & Associates, said

portions of the manholes would need to be raised above

ground to prevent water from leaking into them and damaging


Gray told councilmembers at their Oct. 20 meeting that

two companies submitted bids for the “Big Piney Crossover

Modifications” project.

The first and lower bid of $168,118.98 came from PEI

of Wyoming, LLC, from Casper. The other bid was from

JD Butler Construction, LLC, in Pinedale, for a total bid

of $182,406.

“Both contractors submitted the required information

with their bids,” Gray told the council. “We have checked

the bids and reviewed references. Based on the above and

review of the submitted documents, Jorgensen Associates

recommends award to PEI of Wyoming, LLC.”

The total project expenses are estimated to be

$222,686.19. Jorgensen had charged $22,876.50 for

engineering work as of Oct. 1 and estimated another

$31,690.71 as the maximum charge for future construction

administration and engineering.

The town held over State Land Investment Board

grant money, of which $97,981 would go toward the repairs.

Big Piney budgeted $135,000 for 2020-’21 but the

Jorgensen summary estimates its total expense will be


Big Piney Town Council Mayor Tyler Maxfield and

councilmembers Michelle Hymas, Sherri Redden, Scott

Scherbel and Stafford Polk IV voted to accept the PEI of

Wyoming bid.


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