Beauty and The Beast is underway

Hennessy and Lee discuss Pinedale Theater Company’s 2019 production

This year Pinedale Theater

Company is producing the famous Disney

classic “Beauty and the Beast.” The musical

will open October 24 and play through October


The Pinedale Theater Company changed

their name from the Pinedale Community

Theater earlier this year. Board Director and

Artistic Director Valerie Lee said, “The difference

between us and another community

theater is that we hire professionals in the industry.”

Because they go above and beyond

with their productions, they are not at a community

theater level.

From Aug. 7 through 12, Director Mark

Hennessy and the Pinedale Theater Company

underwent the casting process. In the audition

workshop on July 30 Hennessy gave a small

piece of advice to the acting hopefuls. “Sing

so soft that it brings people in, and sing so big

that it makes people smile.” His number one

requirement is for actors to be someone that

he can direct. If he asks you to do something,

do it.

With casting underway, it was time to reveal

details about the play. The production is

the Pinedale Theater Company’s first Disney

musical. Their past performances have been

classical or older musicals, the latest being

their production of “Oliver.”

Lee was the one to bring “Beauty and the

Beast” to the board. She really pushed for the

board’s votes to produce this play.

Members of the The Annie Oakley folk trio from Oklahoma visit the Big

Piney Library on Aug. 7 to teach children about making harmony. Pictured,

from left, are Nia Personette, Sophia Babb and Joanna Babb. The program,

Folk for Kids, is a collaboration between the Sublette County Public Library

and Pinedale Fine Arts Council.

“I really wanted it because of the underlying

theme,” Lee said. “To me, the theme

is seeing through the illusion, and I feel like

that’s something we all have to do these days,

seeing through the chaos.” She pointed out

that it’s a story we really need this day and


The directors then explained the things

they plan to do to make their own mark on the

story. They have to work within the copyright

requirements, but they can still get creative.

Lee stated that Hennessy really knows how

to work within these parameters. “He throws

in his magic,” Lee said. She hinted that there

will be a more modern take in their production

than what they have directed before.

Hennessy stated there has always been art

in our world.

“I find it hard to believe someone can go

through life without being touched by art,” he

said. And that’s what he wants, for the production

to touch someone in some way.

The theater company will be casting locally.

“It’s a talented town,” Lee said. When

asked about the differences between a small

town production compared to one a larger

city, Hennessy said it’s easier to be seen here.

“It’s a time for us to all come together,”

Lee said. Whether they are in the cast, auditioning

or running around in the background,

everyone can get a hand in the production. It

turns into a family.

The Pinedale Theater Company will also

be using new technology in the “Beauty and

the Beast” play. They were unable to say

much more than the new technology will

make the play bigger and better.

Tickets will go on sale Sept. 2 and can be

purchased at Office Outlet, Cowboy Shop,

Pine Coffee Supply, Big Piney Library or online



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