AQD sets Doyle Pit public hearing Dec. 14

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County wants more gravel, hot-mix plant

PINEDALE – Although the public comment period for the county’s proposed expansion of the Doyle Gravel Pit ended Friday, a new 30-day period will begin on Friday, Nov. 11, in an updated legal notice.

In August, Sublette County Road & Bridge supervisor Billy Pape submitted an application for a blanket permit to bring the county’s recently purchased million-dollar, 25-acre Doyle property under one 65.4-acre umbrella.

Gravel pit applications are reviewed and generally approved by Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality’s Air Quality Division. Because its property is zoned agricultural, the county only needs AQD’s expanded permit to operate the mine, stockpile gravel and sand and build a hot-mix asphalt plant.

Because county officials are not required to notify neighbors of an approved agricultural use, they have not done so.

The AQD’s Oct. 7 public notice of the pending gravel-pit expansion and hot-mix asphalt plant – located on the south edge of Pinedale and an estimated 50 residences within 1 mile, invited public comment through Nov. 4.

However, one section was mislabeled and the next legal notice corrects and “renotices” another 30-day comment period, said QD’s Logan Libal.

The AQD has already received “quite a few” comments from Sublette County, he said, mainly opposing the county’s plans to mine out the Doyle Pit, at the busy intersection of Highway 191 and Pole Creek Road.

AQD administrator Nancy Vehr also decided to hold the public hearing on the county’s permit application after several requests.

The AQD scheduled the Doyle Pit public hearing for Wednesday, Dec. 14, in the Pinedale Library’s Lovatt Rom, with more details coming next week. Vehr, Libal and Nick Meeker will attend in person to hear citizen comments.

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