April Students of the Month recognized


BIG PINEY – The Sublette County School District No. 9 recognized four Students of the Month for April.

LaBarge Elementary School P.E. teacher Dusty Dinnel nominated first grader Savannah Alexander as Student of the Month. Alexander sets the bar high for other students with a positive attitude and strong work ethic, Dinnel said.

“Everytime Savannah enters the gym, she greets me with a warm smile,” he wrote to the board. “Savannah works extremely hard at whatever we are doing, including our warm-up, skill development or cool-down game.”

Alexander exhibits sportsmanship and works well with teammates.

“When she is working with a partner or team, she is always positive and helpful,” Dinnel said. “I have seen Savannah a number of times remind her partner of the skill cues or what foot they should be stepping with.”

During games and activities, Dinnel can always depend on Alexander to keep score with integrity. Alexander courageously steps up to try new activities and frequently volunteers to demonstrate new skills to her classmates.

Alexander also shows respect to students and teachers.

“Savannah is very kind and caring to all of her classmates,” Dinnel wrote. “She is an amazing girl with a bright future.”

Big Piney Elementary teacher Glade Mitchell recognized fourth grader Anju Lee Sevenski as Student of the Month. Sevenski is an example of respect and empathy, Mitchell wrote.

“Anju Lee enters the classroom with a smile every day,” he said. “She is kind to her classmates and courageous when she needs to be.”

Sevenski models responsibility and excellence on her schoolwork.

“It is a joy to see Anju Lee process new academic concepts,” Mitchell said. “You can almost watch her soak up knowledge. She has a great work ethic and always tries hard. She never gives up, no matter how daunting the task.”

Sevenski sets an example through her integrity, Mitchell added. The fourth grader readily acknowledges mistakes and is always willing to make corrections.

“I am honored to have such a wonderful student in my class,” Mitchell wrote. “I am sure she will serve as a positive example to her classmates for years to come.”

Big Piney Middle School teacher Jess Nugent nominated eight grader Tyler Pluid as Student of the Month. Pluid rises above expectations and is a leader at school, Nugent wrote.

“Tyler participates in extra-curricular activities, is the president of the Student Council and he is always kind to his peers,” Nugent wrote. “He is a leader through his actions and demonstrates responsibility, integrity and respect both in the classroom and outside school.”

Pluid takes ownership of his schoolwork and attacks assignments with honesty and a willingness to right a mistake, Nugent added. The eighth grader is also respectful to students, staff and teachers.

“Tyler has integrity,” Nugent said. “He always tries to do the right thing when no one is watching. Even with peer pressure, you can count on Tyler to make the right decision. Mr. Pluid is always positive, energetic and a pleasure to have in class.”

Big Piney High School band teacher Travis Swanson presented junior Autumn Wright as Student of the Month. Wright is involved in swimming, basketball, concert band, jazz band, the National Honor Society and Student Council and plans to become a music therapist, Swanson wrote.

“Autumn is not only a great student, but an exceptional person as well,” Swanson wrote. “She maintains the balance act of schoolwork and commitments with the utmost integrity. She has done an amazing job in her musical endeavors and as a leader in our music program.”

“Autumn is a very unselfish student that doesn’t need to be in the spotlight, but her consistent display of our district values is noticed by the staff at BPHS,” said Principal Jeff Makelky. “Autumn is a great team player in our school and sets a terrific example for her peers to emulate.”

Teacher Faith Howard described Wright as kind, considerate, helpful, empathetic, hardworking and intelligent.

“I have witnessed her quiet leadership and selflessness countless times on the basketball court and in English class,” Howard said.

Wright sets an example in Student Council and has the ability to see issues from all sides, BPHS Student Council sponsor and teacher McKenzie Sullivan wrote.

“Autumn demonstrates great maturity beyond her age in understanding everyone’s views and situations,” Sullivan said.

“Autumn is a respectful, hardworking, spirited student,” said Spanish teacher Steve Bell. “She is a leader amongst her peers and always strives to do her best academically and in life.”

“Autumn’s quiet tenacity and self-driven ingenuity is unparalleled,” wrote language arts teacher Tracy Hughes. “She is always pleasant to be around, always willing to help and when she commits to something, she’s in it for the long haul.”