A forum to remember

MARBLETON – Sixteen candidates gathered at the Marbleton Senior Center on July 21, transforming the dining area into a vibrant kaleidoscope of political posters, flyers and yard signs. Community members filed into the building and were greeted by handshakes and business cards. The space filled with earnest conversations about issues affecting Sublette County.

Each individual seeking office quickly got down to the business of stumping for votes at the Meet and Greet sponsored by the Sublette Chamber of Commerce, the media and Marbleton Senior Center. The environment remained cordial despite differences in opinion as those contesting for votes met the public at eye-level in true American, grassroots fashion.

A forum followed the Meet and Greet. One by one, the contenders approached the podium to introduce themselves and outline their basic platform.

The stage fit all 16 political prospects with little room to spare, a reflection of the large number of individuals running for various seats in the Republican primaries. The figure includes nine candidates vying for a single seat on the board of county commissioners, two apiece in the race for county attorney and county clerk and three rivals for State House District Seat No. 20.

The political hopefuls fielded a variety of questions covering topics from taxes to poverty and the local economy. Staff at the newspaper and Chamber chose five questions from a list submitted to the agency by the public. The Chamber of Commerce and media did not release the questions until the forum.

While some questions proved more difficult than others to answer, especially when one is on the spot, the contestants rose to the occasion, expressing their individuality with confidence on the crowded stage.

A well-deserved shoutout goes to Kaddy Fyfe-Shivers, executive director at the Chamber, for moderating the forum, working to put the events together and navigating 16 candidates with class.

Gracious hospitality from the friendly and helpful staff at the Southwest Sublette County Pioneers Senior Citizen Center in Marbleton made the evening possible. Director Carie James went out of her way to assist with planning and trouble-shooting logistics.

The Examiner also thanks Joan Mitchell for photographing the occasion. Dawn Ballou with Pinedale Online provided necessary supplies and volunteered to serve as timer.

Lastly, the Examiner expresses gratitude to the candidates for participating with respect, patience and pluck.

The forum was recorded via Zoom and can be viewed by visiting the Pinedale Roundup, Sublette Examiner or Chamber of Commerce Facebook pages.

For more information on the upcoming Republican primaries, please see the special election guide that will be published in the Examiner on Aug. 2 and in the Roundup on Aug. 5.








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