A few thoughts for the day

Oh dearly beloved,

I have three thoughts today. First, it’s appalling to me that people in positions of authority find it perfectly acceptable to use taxpayer’s funding to build a hospital when the Big Piney/Marbleton community continue to go without after-hours care, even though we’re paying for it. How crafty, albeit uncaring.

Second, the fact that Mary Lankford and Joel Bousman felt like making a victim’s impact statement would border on comical if it wasn’t so despicable. Stephen Haskell was overzealous but a felon? Please, Mary and Joel have brought everything on themselves. Victims they are not. What a sham they perpetrated as what’s best for the county.

Last, my goodness, how we are going to miss Stephen Crane at the Examiner. His zest for justice is unmatched by anyone I know and the way he speaks the truth, no matter who squirms, is refreshing and endearing. May God give us another editor who will keep holding our crooked politicians’ feet to the fire. It’s a fulltime job keeping the public informed, as those in authority in this county are ready and willing to create evil faster than the taxpayers can process it.

May the Lord bless you, Stephen Haskell and Stephen Crane.

Watching, always watching,


Trena Eiden

Big Piney

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