4 Students of the Month recognized

Photo by NaCole Stevens Pictured are the four Students of the Month recognized in April. From left are Zephyr Arterbury, LaBarge Elementary, Kaitlynn Shreve, Big Piney Elementary, Natalie Davis, Big Piney Middle School and Owen Nielson, Big Piney Middle School.

The Sublette County

School District No. 9 board of trustees recognized

four Students of the Month at its regular

board meeting on April 15. Big Piney High

School’s student of the month, Tate Hughes,

will be presented in May.

LaBarge Elementary library paraprofessional

Kendra Penfield recognized Zephyr

Arterbury as Student of the Month for March.

Penfield works with Arterbury in the library,

physical education and computers.

“He has the perfect personality to brighten

anyone’s day,” she said.

Arterbury works hard to stay on task and

gives “100-percent” effort on all assignments.

He also helps Penfield “learn new things” in

the library.

“At the beginning of March, I read ‘The

Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors,’” Penfield

said. “About halfway through it, (Arterbury)

gave me a look and said, ‘Mrs. P, you don’t

read with feeling. Every book needs to be read

with feeling.’ I said, ‘Zeph, you’re right. Show

me how it’s done.’ He jumped up and finished

the book with feeling and enthusiasm.”

Big Piney Elementary fifth-grade teacher

Christine Willford nominated Kaitlynn

Shreve as Student of the Month for April.

Shreve is a student who exhibits “thoughtfulness,

regard and honor,” Willford said.

Shreve is considerate to those around her

and sets an example with her integrity and

empathy, Willford explained. Shreve is “very

levelheaded” and takes responsibility for her


Sometimes challenges can seem overwhelming

and frightening, but Shreve will

step up and face them.

“Courage is being scared to death and

saddling up anyway,” Willford said. “Even

though the horse she loved has died and gone

away. All this makes Kaitlynn the wonderful

girl we know,” Willford said. “I’ve had the

pleasure to teach her and really watch her


Pinedale Middle School band teacher Travis

Swanson nominated eighth-grader Owen

Nielson as Student of the Month for March.

“Nielson will be missed at Big Piney Middle

School for many reasons,” Swanson said.

“His integrity, his respectfulness and above

all his sense of humor.”

Swanson praised Nielson for his developing

maturity and leadership skills both in the

band and outside of the classroom.

BPMS language arts teacher Jessica Nugent

said Nielson is “one of the most polite

students” she has taught.

“He always says ‘good morning’ and he always

thanks me at the end of class,” she said.

Science teacher Kristi Hibbert added that

Nielson “doesn’t bow to the whims and fads

of those around him. He is an authentic person

who strives for excellence in the classroom.”

Natalie Davis was nominated as Big Piney

Middle School Student of the Month by instructor

Greg Bell.

“They say great things come in small packages

– this is certainly true of our BPMS Student

of the Month,” Bell said. “She is small

but she is mighty! Natalie is an enthusiastic

and self-motivated student. She always comes

to class prepared and creates high quality

work. Natalie works well with other students

and her teachers. She is helpful, dependable

and very well-liked by her peers.”

Bell added, “Natalie is a wonderful role

model for other BPMS students. She will

continue to excel both academically and socially.”


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