2022 Rendezvous Rodeo results

Photo by Joy Ufford, Sublette Examiner.

PINEDALE – Rodeo fans were treated to three nights of action featuring barrel racing, roughstock and roping events at the 2022 Rendezvous Rodeo, July 7-9. The results are in – ranked by the top three average payoffs in each event:

  • Ranch broncs: Blaine Mathews placed first at $485, Mckaul Carnahan took second at $365 and Tate Carnahan placed third at $120.
  • Bareback: Eian Smith earned first place at $575.
  • Saddle broncs: Grady Eckley captured first at $425, Mathews placed second at $255 and Frank Liss was third at $170.
  • Bull riding: Connor Scholes scored first place at $650, Nathan Barron earned second at $390 and Zach Winer in third at $260.
  • Tie down: Kolby Bradley landed first place at $325, K.C. Jones took second at $195 and Wade Bell finished third at $130.
  • Breakaway – open division: Harley Hardman ranked first at $440, Cassidy Espenscheid placed second at $330 and Jordan Tibbitts took third at $220.
  • Breakaway – junior division: Tru Anesi landed in first place at $160, J.T. Tibbitts came in third at $95 and Preston Saunders placed third at $65.
  • Open team roping: Neal Jones and Kade Williams finished first with $950, Phil Selby and Scott Rogers scored second place at $715 and Kolby Bradley and Jade Espenscheid placed third at $475.
  • Team roping – No. 8: Hays Espenscheid and Cael Espenscheid netted first place with $1,970, followed by Jace Jackman and Dan Nichols in second at $1,370 and Taylor Nichols and Shawn Choate in third at $1,015.
  • Team roping – No. 12: Brian Espenscheid and Cael Espenscheid captured third, netting $1,350, Cam Johnson and Brian Espenscheid took second place at $965 and Cam Johnson and Chad Espenscheid placed third at $735.
  • Barrel racing – junior division: Rhame Hicks earned first place at $120, Lily Barker took second at $90 and Challis Tibbitts placed third at $60.
  • Barrel racing – open division: Margaret Jones scored first place at $540, Makenzie Scott came in second at $385 and Rosie Holman placed third at $295.
  • Barrel racing – peewee division: Sadie Nichols placed first at $15, Anesi and Ciara Grims both placed second at $10 with Kodee Wellemeyer and Cora Selby in third at $5.